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Enhanced MXLT Roller

Enhanced MXLT Roller
- Chassis: square tube of 100x100x10 mm.
- Elements: square tube of 150x150x8 mm.
- Square axis of 60 m, track 2, 20mm.
- Retractable and adjustable support.
- 2 cylinders of double effect: 1 output D.E. with 3 way valves and 2 outputs in a standard equipment.

The new improved MXLT Roller is ready for easy exchange of parts, such as the removal of the bearings without having to maneuver with that machine.


The improved MXLT Rollers wide ranging work 5 to 9 meters, while the transport width is less than 2,5 m, thanks to its horizontal fold.

Unfold and fold improved MXLT loop

It is performed through the hydraulic system, from the tractor seat, without the tractor forward or backward. The lateral elements are folded back symmetrically and simultaneously in a horizontal plane, due to the double effect cylinder for the unfolding.

It is possible to fully raise the fold curler without actuating the hydraulic circuit as the circuit is independent of the fold.

Stable and secure transport

The horizontal fold improved MXLT Rulo causes the center of gravity of the implement is too low, the height of transportation of 1,80 m. The stability is improved by the proper weight distribution and the short distance between the attachment point or coupling and the axis of the wheels.

The side members are supported on the wheel axle and the chassis. . A safety catch prevents the fall of the roller, even in case of failure of a hydraulic hosepipe, The rollers have brakes, and lights. Optional thickness of tube sheet of 14.