Industrias Diente
Industrias Diente
Industrias DienteINDUSTRIAS DIENTE was founded in 1965in a small workshop where he spent most of the arrangements for the manufacture of aperos.En year 1971 a small part of the production increased with the amplification of the installations and the introduction of modern machines. In 1992 we began to manufacture our products in series and to introduce ourselves to the market with innovative designs.

We have more than 50.000 square meters, including 3.500 factory, 20.000 of leveled area and 30.000 of median test field, we ensure that our machines are ready for their release on the market and that our customers buy a high quality product.

Nowadays, INDUSTRIAS DIENTE has one of the most modern factories in the Spanish market.

Industrias Diente

Now, INDUSTRIAS DIENTE is a national leader in the machinery to prepare the ground, each year we are designing new products for the agricultural market.


Industrias DienteThe beginning of this family business was in 1935, thanks to the experience of Mr. Felipe Diente in a small workshop to repair these old machines towed by animals.

The man began transmitting to successive generations the thoughts of what is now the field machinery.

Accompanied by his son Daniel Diente they repaired machines and at the same time, they started a small agricultural equipment manufacturing for the region, and that's why they had to expand their installations for ensuring these services.

Today, the company INDUSTRIAS DIENTE is on the Spanish market with its own designs and their own brand.Industrias Diente